New firmware and CPS

Budapest, the capital of Hungary [Pasztilla aka Attila Terbócs (Own work CC-BY SA 3.0 source:Wikimedia Commons)]


This post was published on 11 September 2014. Please look at to see which firmware is the latest. I've left this post here for reference purposes.


This week, Motorola introduced system release R2.3B. Included in this release are firmware packages R02.30.31 for the DP/DM4000/2000/3441 series;  R02.30.13 for the SL4000 series and R01.00.30 for the DP/DM1000 series. For this release a new version of CPS (10.7); Radio Management (1.7) and Tuner (10.9) has been introduced.

There are a few enhancements in this release, which include an Input Method Editor support for Hungarian (hence the reason for the picture).

There is also an improvement to the Enhanced Codeplug Password Protection. The Read/Write codeplug password protection option is now being removed in this release as it presented some problems when programming large fleets of radios. The Read Only codeplug password protection remains unaffected. (Note that this may not apply to models sold in the Americas).

The Enhanced Codeplug Password feature in R2.3A prevented the radio password from being retrieved by means of packet sniffing. The entered password is verified by the radio rather than the CPS. This enhancement is also available in R01.12.13 (see below).

Further details can be found in the R2.3B release notes.

For the DP/DM3000 series, firmware R01.12.13 is now available with some minor fixes - details of which can be found in the release notes.
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