New CPS and tools for MOTOTRBO

On 20 July 2015 Motorola released R2.4B. As part of this release, the following updates are available:

- CPS version 11.5 (Build 621)
- Radio Management R1.4
- Tuner 11.5 (Build 196)
- RDAC 6.5 (Build 92)**

All other applications; tools and middleware remain unchanged from the previous release (i.e. whatever you have post-R2.3 should still work).

R2.4B can be deployed into radios via one of the following upgrade packages:

- R01.01.20 for the DP1400 and SL1600
- R02.40.20 for the DP/DM/SL4000 series as well as the DP/DM2000 series and the DP3441.
- R02.40.12 for the MTR3000 and DR3000
- R01.01.03 for the SLR5500

All of the above upgrade packages are available to Motorola Partners for download from Motorola Online. **RDAC 6.5 must be purchased (i.e. there is no upgrade from R6.0 or earlier).

The latest firmware and CPS versions can be seen at If you are looking to download any of these please read this and this.

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