YQA: setting up a Control Station

I recently had a question about setting up a Control Station on an MOTOTRBO system. Here are the settings required for this. The below image can also be downloaded as a PDF file (if you don't like small print).

The PC, to which this radio is attached needs to have the RNDIS or MCDD driver installed.
Click to enlarge


  1. Thank you Mr. Holmes with my best regards......

  2. Great information. Im trying to get this setup on my small system but I cant seem to get the actual OTA to work, what kind of config should be on the users radios so that I can push updates to them? I read your other articles but think I'm still missing something

    1. The radios should be able to talk to the Control Station (I.e. Both ends work on the system). The OTAP key must also match. The radios must also be OTAP capable.


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