Feedback for Motorola product development

I had one request that I provide a means to pass product suggestions and enhancements back to the Motorola engineering folks.

Ideally you should be giving this sort of feedback to the company who supplied you your radio equipment/system. 

I will be adding this to my FAQ page but here is a form that you can use now. The relavent product development staff will have direct access to the responses. If you work for Motorola Solutions and would like to see these responses, you can request access here*.

I cannot guarantee that your suggestion will be implemented or that you'll receive any credit - I (we) can only try.


  1. Hello,

    I've always had a practical idea, but I do not know if it's feasible. I think we should take advantage of better radio coverage with portable radios using the mobile in the vehicle as a radio gateway.

    It would be convenient to get out of his car and get his portable radio and be able to communicate on the radio network in all circumstances thanks to the mobile DM in the car as a repeater.

    This would make it possible to move away from his vehicle on foot with his portable (DP4000 for example) in hand, and to follow or communicate at any moment. Better than the bluetooth microphone limited to a distance of 30 meters. Because the portable would use 1 - 5 (4) watts of power to move away from its vehicle much further.



    1. That is sort of possible now. Use two mobiles: one on a simplex channel talking to the portables and one on the radio system. A cable with some interface electronics links the two. It works okay for voice but there is no data transfer. I cannot (not allowed to) say if something is being worked on like that.

      We've had something like that in TETRA for some years now...

    2. Would you mind adding that feedback to the form (link above). That way, those who need to have visibility to it.

  2. Hello,


    After, that requires buying and using 2 mobiles (a little bit expensive), and that only offers the ability to talk without the data.

    Personally I find it frustrating to receive the network on my mobile in my car, and in portable radio no longer receive when i go out of my car.

    After that may not be feasible.

    Yes for Tétra, it is possible make it ( Bridge DMO - TMO ).

    Best regards

  3. Anthony, Look at X10DR at // / No data though.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks ERDAL NOHUT, I know this product, it remains for me the best solution in relation to this idea.

    Thank you for this link.

    Have you go try this item ?

    Best regards



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