Meet the DP3661e

The DP3661e is the new addition to the MOTOTRBO portfolio and is a display and limited-keypad version of the DP3441e. This sleek and small portable has been designed for users who need effective communications in a compact form-factor. Like all current generation MOTOTRBO™ radios, the DP3661e is a high performance portable two-way radio with integrated voice and data capabilities.

Compared the the previous generation DP3441, the DP3661e offers:

  • A 5-line colour display that can be easily read in full sunlight.
  • An integrated accelerometer for the optional Man Down feature.
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 that supports a wider range of audio accessories as well as indoor location tracking via iBeacons.
  • Multi-constellation GNSS which enables increased location accuracy.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi which allows the radio to be programmed/updated wirelessly (OTAP).
  • Intellegent IMPRES energy and audio accessories.
  • Improved expandability due to extended memory and an advaned chipset.
  • An improved receiver chipset that offers better range (up to 8% more).
  • IP68  dust- and waterproofing.

It uses the same accessory connector and programming cable as the DP2400/2600 series radios. Batteries and accessories are the same as the DP3441/e.

This radio also supports all the features in the DP4000e series although there is no full keypad and less side buttons.
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