Viewing the GPS data on a MOTOTRBO radio

MOTOTRBO GPS model radios allow the user to view the GPS receiver data. The information that can be viewed includes:
- Latitude
- Longitude
- Altitude
- Direction
- Velocity
- Horizontal Dilution of Precision (HDOP)**
- Satellites**
- Version

To access this information on the DP4x01 series, press OK to access the menu. Scroll to Utilities and press OK to select. Scroll Radio Info and press OK to select. Then scroll to GPS Info and press OK to select. Once you are in this menu, you will be able to see the items listed above - press OK to view the data.
Note that this menu option will not be available if GPS is disabled in the CPS. In the DP4x01 series, it is possible to turn the GPS on via the menu.

To access this information on a DP3601 series radios, press #123#.

From a technical point of view, the two values of interest are HDOP and number of satellites. These two values are interrelated in that a low number of satellites will provide a higher HDOP.
HDOP is a measurement of GPS receiver accuracy - the closer to 1, the better. generally, anything below 3 will provide a accurate enough fix.

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