Some MOTOTRBO CPS error codes and how to solve them

UPDATE (28.05.19)

The below is only applicable to CPS 16.0 and earlier. CPS2 has different error codes that are in form of 100XXXX where XXXX is the below number. Most have the same meaning but there are some differences. For example, with CPS2, error 1001687 means no acknowledge from device (i.e. cable not connected or radios is turned off).

For the majority of us technicians, programming MOTOTRBO radios will go smoothly and without error. In some cases, you might encounter an error, either when installing or starting the CPS or - more often - when trying to read a radio/repeater.

Despite what most think, there is no secret "error codes and what they mean list" hidden in the vaults at Motorola. The error codes don't actually say what specifically is causing the error, they only point to several possible causes.

Back in the day, when I used to do post-sales technical support, we actually had to do some investigative work to determine the cause in some cases. We did however (and I'm sure my technical support colleagues still do) see the same error codes come up more than once and know what to look for. So here's a short list.

This is by no means a comprehensive list so if you've seen one that I've missed, let me know via the comments.


You're trying to write a codeplug that has a feature flag and the device you're writing to doesn't. For example, you're trying to write a codeplug with a Capacity Plus channel into a repeater with no Capacity Plus licence in it.


This is often caused by a lack of permissions to create the below folders. The fix in this case, is to install and run the CPS as an Administrator.

There could also be an issue with Windows (specifically the WMI Service). Make sure Windows is updated (all patches are applied and no restart is needed). Makre sure you have your codeplugs (if any) saved somewhere else, uninstall the CPS then reboot. Once rebooted go through and delete the following:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola\MOTOTRBO CPS
C:\ProgramData\Motorola\MOTOTRBO CPS

Use a registry cleaner to delete any unused entries then reinstall the (latest) CPS. If this doesnt do the trick, see my support page to get help.


This is the most common error code. I've covered this before, so have a look here.


This is another common one usually caused by an IP address confict, so have a look here.


This means you've either got CPS or purchased a radio from another region. For example, the CPS from EMEA (my region) won't work with an XPR7550e. You either need to go back to the person who sold you the radio or CPS.
If, for example, you are in North America and you have a DP4801e. You will encounter two problems: the DP4801e is not FCC approved, so you could be breaking the law, and none of the local Motorola dealers will want to help you since you'll be seen as a grey market importer.


During the last upgrade, something went awry. The fix is to perform a device recovery. Connect the radio/repeater, from the Device menu in the CPS, click Device Recovery and wait for the process to complete. You will however loose whatever configuration was in there before so be prepared.


That one is easy: you need the latest CPS.


This error code is seen when installing the CPS. The root cause is simple: the user doesn't have full permissions to the required folders on the PC. One fix would be to run the installer as an Administrator or to go back and give that user full permissions to the installation drive.

Error codes when registering an EID

There are generally two causes:

  1. That EID/feature is assigned to another serial number or there are no more features left on that EID.
  2. There is a problem with the connection between your PC and internet. Try pinging to see if the connection is good.
Note that you only need an internet connection when registering a feature. You can disconnect when activating it in the device.

Anything else.

For anything else, make sure Windows has all the updates; you have the latest CPS and the PC is working correctly. Also, sometimes Antivirus applications can interferere so try disabling them as part of your checks to find the root cause - this includes Windows Firewall. If you still need help, see my support page. If you need the latest CPS, see my FAQ page.
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