Where can I download the MOTOTRBO CPS?

The Customer Programming Software required to configure a MOTOTRBO radio is only available to Motorola Channel Partners, who in terms of their agreement with Motorola Solutions, have access to Motorola Online. This is the case for all customers in Europe and Africa.

I understand that in the USA and Canada, it is possible for end-customers to gain access to Motorola Online by purchasing a software subscription licence - this is not available in Europe and Africa. I don't know about Latin America or Asia.

End customers in Europe and Africa can obtain the CPS from the same source as their radios. The radio supplier can, as a service, provide periodic updates for purchased CPS via their website or via Motorola Online. If you need to get the CPS and, for whatever reason, are unable to contact the company who supplied you the radios, then please click here.

If you came here via a Google search, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it is not possible to download the CPS from this site. Please click here to obtain a legal copy.


  1. Hello Prof. i have problem when i connect radio DP4600e with PC i cannot read radio, CPS show this message. ( Error #1687 unable to detect applicable device (s) check to see if a compatible programming cable is used . please i want solved for it, with thanks.

  2. Please i want solve for this problem


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