Sometimes you might encounter some problems with getting your PC to "see" a connected radio. Here are some basic checks to carry out before contacting technical support.

Firstly, confirm the following:

·         The cable and radio are working?
·         When you plug another USB device (e.g. flash memory stick) into the same port, Windows makes the USB Device Add sound (and not the USB Device Fail sound)? If this does not happen, could you try another USB port?
·         Similarly, when you plug the programming cable into the PC; connect the radio and switch it on, does Windows make the same sound? If this is not happening, could you try another radio?

Here are some checks to carry out:

1.    Connect the radio to the PC and ensure the radio is turned on. In Windows, start the Device Manager and expand the Network Adapters branch.
2.    Can you see if there is a device called “MOTOTRBO Radio X” (where X is a number)?
3.    Does the icon for this have a yellow triangle embedded in it?
4.    If the device called “MOTOTRBO Radio X” is not listed, confirm whether it is listed under Unknown Devices?

5.    If 1-3 check out okay, close Device Manager and open Network and Sharing Centre.
6.    Is “MOTOTRBO Radio X” listed as a Network Adapter?
7.    If “MOTOTRBO Radio X” is listed, click on the name then click on the Details button. Is there an IPv4 address; subnet mask and default gateway listed? By default these should be:; and

8.    Assuming 1-7 check out okay, if you try to read the radio with the CPS, what error message do you get?
9.    If by chance you get an error code 595, try turning WiFi off and unplugging the LAN cable then read the radio again.

If “MOTOTRBO Radio X” is not listed under Network Adapters (see 4) but you do get the USB Device Add or Device Fail sound, you may need to reinstall the MOTOTRBO Driver. To do this have a look at these two posts.
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