New MOTOTRBO CPS firmware etc.

While I was on holiday and business-travels, Motorola released new software for MOTOTRBO - see the software page for version numbers.

What's new in this release?

- Support for AT commands via Bluetooth.
- ARS support in the DP1400; DM1400 and SL1600.
- Audio Feedback Supressor support in the DP1400; DM1400 and SL1600.
- Flashing LED indication of Radio Management job status (green okay; amber busy; red failed).
- Language profile added to the DP1400; DM1400 and SL1600.
- Optional frequency restrictions.
- Radio Management licence HKVN4065A no longer needed.

You will also notice that the version numbering scheme has changed somewhat. This is needed to support new and future products.


  1. "- Radio Management licence HKVN4065A no longer needed."

    Does this mean the Radio Management server is now free?

    1. My understanding of the release notes text is YES.

    2. Great!

      The release notes also say the following:

      "Spanish Band Frequency Range: A new CPS license key (HKVN4487A) introduced to ensure that the CPS configures radios / repeaters to operate outside the disallowed frequency bands (VHF: 146 - 174 MHz & UHF: 406.1 - 430 MHz and 440 - 470 MHz)."

      Does this mean we'll need the license key HKVN4487A to be able to program radios in the 136-146 range or is it the other way around? We're not in Spain, but as far as I know, Spain doesn't have its own CPS.

    3. No, this is a Licence for Spain where those frequency ranges need to be blocked.

  2. If anyone can help me, that I need a sofware Motobro XiR M3688 and P3688 as well as software repeater Motobro XiR R8200 ... Please help me to find the software... From Andi Samarinda City Indonesia

  3. Hi Wayne, I checked s/w & Updates, I had downloaded these from my dealer's ftp site. I still need RM licenses! I was pleased with the new RM stand-alone software and how easy it was to program but bitterly dissapointed with having to buy the 500 license archive bundle. I have sent feedback to the dealer but heard nothing.

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