As of R2.6.5 HKVN4065A is no longer needed and other features...

While I was on holiday and business travels between July and August 2016, Motorola released R2.6.5 for MOTOTRBO - see the software page for the latest.

Included in this release is support for AT commands via Bluetooth. This allows specialist accessory developers to send PTT and other commands to the radio from their device.

ARS; Language Profile; Audio Feedback Suppressor were also introduced in the DP1400; DM1400 and SL1600.

Radio will now also give a Flashing LED indication of Radio Management job status (green okay; amber busy; red failed).

Optional frequency restrictions for Spain were introduced and most importantly the Radio Management licence HKVN4065A is no longer needed.

By now you will have noticed that the version numbering scheme has changed somewhat. This is needed to support new and future products.

Edited 03.03.2017
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