Where you get support from depends on who sold you the equipment. To help you, I've created the below table that shows what to do:

You work for a large organisation that is maintained by Motorola Solutions.

Contact the Motorola Solutions Customer Helpdesk for your region.
You work for a company that purchased Motorola Solutions equipment or are a private individual who owns one or more Motorola radios.
Contact the company who sold you the equipment. If you are unable to do that, click here to locate a Motorola Solutions Reseller Partner near you.
You work for a Motorola Solutions Gold or Silver Reseller Partner.

Contact the Distribution Partner who you have a business relationship with. If you are still unsure contact the Partner Helpdesk for your region.
You work for a Motorola Solutions Platinum Partner or Distribution Partner.

Contact the Motorola Solutions Customer Helpdesk for your region. Your CAM should also be able to help you.

Please note that I am not able to provide technical support. If you need help solving a problem, you need to call one of the above organisations (i.e. whoever sold you the equipment).

If all else fails, please contact Motorola via the above links.

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