R2.4B on the SL1600

On 20 July 2015, Motorola released R2.4B firmware which introduces a few noteworthy features. Some of these features are detailed here and in my other posts (see below).

In General

  • Home Channel Reminder. Radio alerts user when they have left their primary home channel for a predetermined period of time.
  • Adaptive Rest Channel RDAC Alarm: Repeater generates an RDAC alarm when the “Adaptive Forced Rest Channel Rotation” feature rotates the Rest channel.
  • Improved RSSI Indication: Radios provide a more precise signal strength indication for the user.
  • SLR 5500 Repeater support.
  • Hebrew Keypad models. Addition of Hebrew language capability and a number of Hebrew
  • language keypad on some portable models.

On the SL1600

  • Ability to support radio names up to 12 characters in length.
  • Ability  to support the Alveolar Trill (i.e. rolling “r”) enhancement option.
  • Ability for the radio to support the OTA Battery Management registration feature.
  • The maximum “Digital TX High Power” setting can be tuned for 2,5W or 3W without impacting the other “Digital TX High Power” settings (i.e. 2W and 1W). In a number of European countries the legal limit is 2,5W.
The latest firmware and CPS version can be confirmed at


  1. I'm not so sure what R2.4B means that R02.41.20 ?
    Forced Rest Channel Rotation” feature rotates the Rest channel. is that not trunking LCAP ...SL1600 only has a IPSC feature available for purchase?
    There is no CAP+ on the DP1400/SL1400 ???

  2. Here are the version numbers:

  3. Forced channel rotation allows the Rest Channel to roll over to the next available repeater in a Linked / Capacity Plus system when there is interference.

  4. There is no SL1400. The DP1400 and SL1600 do not support Capacity Plus or Linked Capacity Plus.


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