Emergency enhancements in R2.4B

On 20 July (while I was traveling and was on holiday), Motorola released R2.4B firmware for the second generation MOTORBO radios. In this system release, there are some important enhancements which I will detail here.

Emergency Search Tone and LED

When the radio enters emergency mode, it be configured to also sound a a loud tone through the speaker. This helps rescue personnel locate the exact position of the radio (and the user thereof) in darkness or when there is no visibility. At the same time, the emergency alert LED can be configured to continue to flash while idle and in emergency.

Emergency Contact

Addition of a contact field in the (Conventional) Digital Emergency System to enable the Revert Channel and Contact to be independently configured in the CPS.

Other Enhancements

  • The radio user can now configure the duration of the emergency alert tone.
  • An Emergency Vibrate option has been added to the SL4000 series.
  • When the radio is in emergency mode, the user can manually transmit during an emergency hot-mic session.
  • The radio can now flash the red LED and sound a periodic tone while receiving emergency voice.
The latest firmware and CPS versions can be seen at http://cwh050.blogspot.de/p/the-latest-firmware.html. If you are looking to download any of these please read this and this.

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