Simple way to link IPSC sites that have no connectivity

In some situations you may come across a system where one or more high sites provide the desired coverage but do not have IP connectivity to the rest of the network. This may be due to no internet connectivity on site or nearby; no microwave link back to another site (100%+ Fresnel zone obstruction) or no possibility to install IP equipment on site.

For IP Site Connect systems, there is now a fairly simple solution which a colleague has tested and successfully demonstrated it. The solution was not really intended for this but we have seen that it works and that it can solve the problem I've described above.

The Vertex Standard EVX-Link is a DMR-Radio-to-IP link that allows you to link sites, via EVX5300/5400 mobile radio, and an IP link.

Now if we co-locate two mobile radios on one site, we could provide a two way RF link between two locations - in this case two repeater sites.
The below drawing illustrates this better: Site A is part of the IP Site Connect system and has IP connectivity with the Master and the other Peers. Site C does not have any connectivity because Site B prevents you installing a microwave link; and because the location of Site C is very remote.
You would install the EVX Site Link, I will describe below, on Site B.
Site A has IP connectivity whereas site C has none. The link is at site B.
The setup for the EVX Site Link is as follows.
The EVX Site Link (installed at Site B)
The Yagi on the left would point to Site A. The Yagi on the right would point to Site B. The radio connected to the Yagi on the left would be programmed for the frequencies of the repeater on on Site A and so forth. Both radios should be set for low power to prevent de-sense or other RF issues.

The two Mobiles+EVX Links can be separated as the connection between them is Ethernet.

There are also some configuration possibilities such as repeater-to-repeater or radios-to-repeater (note the frequencies).

Repeater to repeater

Radios to repeater

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