New MOTOTRBO portables

This week, Motorola expanded their second generation of MOTOTRBO radios by announcing two new MOTOTRBO portable radios - the DP4000 and the DP2000 series. These models join the recently introduced SL4000 and DM4000 series radios as well Linked Capacity Plus multi-site trunking.

The DP4000 (which consists of three model tiers) supports all current MOTOTRBO features including Bluetooth and Select-5 signaling. The DP4800 and 4801 have a full colour transflective display which is easily viewed in sunlight.

The DP2000 series (which consists of the DP2400 and DP2600) is a mid-tier portable with basic features most users require, yet can be upgraded to support additional features like Capacity Plus trunking later, if required.

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