RF test connection on the DP2000 series

Like the DP4000 series, the antenna connector on the DP2000 is only used for the antenna and cannot be used for testing purposes. A RF connection is available for testing purposes and to access it, an adaptor is required. The part numbers are as follows:
  • PMLN6154A RF Adaptor which adapts radio's antenna port to BNC cabling of test equipment.
  • PMLN6201A RF Adaptor Holder which holds the RF adaptor in place.
The adaptor plugs in like this:
Click on the diagrams to enlarge.

Like a new motor car; Swiss made clock or mobile phone, your MOTOTRBO radio is supplied fully tuned at the factory, using the correct equipment and automated test procedures. There is no reason to perform alignment of the radio before supplying it to the user (Unless of course, you like to have your Cortina backfire on demand). Alignment is only required when something in the electronics is replaced.

Whilst removing the Nameplate, it may become damaged it not handled correctly. To be safe, you should keep a small stock of replacement Nameplates - part number
Also, don't forget about the RF Plug (bung) when refitting the Nameplate.

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