Connect Plus Cheat Sheet; sample codeplugs and configuration files

MOTOTRBO Connect Plus is a sophisticated, wide-area digital trunked radio system. Designing and successfully operating a Connect Plus system, requires in-depth knowledge which can only be obtained by attending the training and passing an exam - without this knowledge the cheat sheet is pretty much useless.

A copy of the Connect Plus Cheat Sheet; sample codeplugs and router configuration files can be found here. The information contained in the ZIP file is offered "as is" (caveat emptor). You are welcome to use the configuration settings as they are, but do so at your own risk.

The router configuration files are from a HP MSR20-20 and can be viewed with any text viewer. The CNO file can only be opened using the Connect Plus CPS. The CTB files can be opened with the MOTOTRBO CPS (EMEA).

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