Text messaging in R2.4

As of system release 2.4, it will be possible to send and receive text messages to or from other manufacturer's radios. To configure, this simply choose the appropriate Text Messaging Type option in the channel configuration.

Note that this drop-down only affects outgoing messages - the radio will still be able to receive text messages sent using the MOTOTRBO (proprietary) format. If a message is sent to the radio in one of the above formats, and the user replies, the reply will be sent using the format it was sent in.

The MOTOTRBO (proprietary) format supports some functions which are not supported by DMR Standard text messaging format. This includes things like: Application layer acknowledgements which provides confirmation that the target has received the text message when the end point is not a radio. Message Numbering which allows an application to discern between multiple text messages from the same source when acknowledging. Also, the DMR Standard text messaging format is intended to be sent between radio units whereas the MOTOTRBO format supports routing to Email Gateways at the transport layer.

The latest firmware and CPS versions can be seen at http://cwh050.blogspot.de/p/the-latest-firmware.html. If you are looking to download any of these please read this and this.
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