MOTOTRBO "Newbie" questions about programming and CPS

Where can I get (the latest) CPS?

From where you bought your radio. Or if you prefer here.

The version of CPS I have gives error code #1057 when I read my new radio?

The firmware version in the radio is newer than that which the CPS can support. You need to update your version of CPS.

When I plug the programming cable into the PC, Windows does not make the "USB Start" sound?

This is correct, there is no "intelligence" or level conversion in the programming cable. This will only happen when you connect a radio.

When I connect the radio to my PC, Windows asks for a driver?

As far as I know, Windows 7 and 10 do not have this problem.
This should only occur with Windows XP and 2000. The drivers are not signed and you need to install them manually by selecting "Have Disk" and pointing to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Motorola\MOTOTRBO Driver. Windows will give a warning when installing this, you can ignore this warning.

When I try to read the radio I get an error code #595?

Error 595 is generally caused by an IP address conflict. When your radio is connected to the PC, Windows sets up a network connection to the radio. The default IP address used for this connection is in the 192.168.10.x range (usually the radio is .1 and your PC is .2).
If you are going to be programming a lot of radios, the easiest solution would be to change the IP address range allocated to your PC on your LAN/WLAN network so that it is not in the same range as the radio.

As soon as I plug the radio into the PC, I loose all network connectivity?

The fix is to allocate a static metric to your LAN/WLAN connection:

  1. Open the Network Connections folder
  2. Right click the LAN or WiFi connection.
  3. Click Properties then go to Internet Protocol Version 4.
  4. Click Properties and go to Advanced.
  5. Un-tick Automatic metric.
  6. Enter a 1 for the Interface metric.
  7. OK; OK; OK...

This seems to occur mostly with Windows 7 PCs. The reason is that Windows is somehow allocating a lower device metric to the MOTOTRBO radio and your PC now thinks it's the new network connection to use.
If this is your only radio, simply change the Radio IP address in the codeplug or just switch off WiFi/unplug the LAN cable when programming your radio.

How do I program my radio?

I've produced a number of tutorial videos and these are available on YouTube.

How do I upgrade my MOTOTRBO radio?

Via the CPS - see this video. It takes about two minutes depending on the model and how good your PC is. Make sure the radio is properly powered during this process and that you don't mistakenly unplug the cable - otherwise you'll understand what some people mean by "bricked".

If I clone my radio, the Radio ID is not overwritten?

This can be turned off in the CPS. Go to Edit>>Preferences and tick Clone Radio Identity...

When I read a new radio, the CPS shows error code #1027 codeplug version not supported?

Like nearly all Motorola radios, your MOTOTRBO radio has a regional ID. Generally speaking, there are two possibilities: either you purchased the radio from another region (i.e. grey market) or have downloaded a (pirate) copy of the CPS from the internet. In either case, you will need to contact the company who sold you this radio and request support from them.

My problem isn't listed here, what now?

If you work for a Motorola Platinum Partner or Distributor in EMEA, you can contact me directly. Otherwise you'll have to contact the company who sold you your radio. Or contact a Motorola Reseller by clicking here.

I've tried to list the most common programming problems - if I've missed something, please add a comment here or have a look at the comments to see if anyone else asked the same question.
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