New in R2.6: NTP

The SLR series repeaters have a built-in RTC which the repeater uses to keep track of the actual time. This RTC can be used to timestamp data in the alarm and diagnostic logs. Applications like RDAC can show these logs  with timestamps that contain the date and time.

There is a rechargeable battery, which can keep the RTC running for up to 3 weeks when the repeater is turned off or disconnected from power. The RTC is synchronised from an NTP server. The IP address of the server can be static or defined in the DHCP negotiations.

In the event that the network where the repeaters are deployed do not have any local NTP Servers
available, then a public NTP Server such as can be used instead.

Since there is no means to determine where in the world the repeater is, the time zone needs to be set and DST needs to be enabled or disabled depending on whether it is used.

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