Posts in other languages?

In the survey I got some requests to include posts in other languages.

Some personal details (skip to the last paragraph if you're not interested):

I am (or at least I think I am) a native English speaker. I can speak German (and will have to take a CEFR B1 Exam this year to become naturalised). I learnt Afrikaans as a 2nd language at school and hence can sort-of speak Dutch. I know about 200 words in French (though I wish it was more). As far as my language skills go, that's it more or less.

I doubt I will be able to write (or produce) anything useful in anything other than English. If you are reading this and English is not your first language, there is a Google Translate plugin (drop-down) at the bottom of this´page which will (hopefully correctly) translate this text into the language of your choice.


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