Minimum Speaker Volume

Minimum Speaker Volume sets the minimum audio level the radio will produce when the volume knob is turned to its lowest position. This prevents the user from missing calls if they have turned the radio volume level too low and forgotten about it.

The CPS has a spin-box (shown above) which sets this level in increments of 1dB. The range for this value is model dependent and is:

-30 to +12 for high tier portables
-39 to +18 for high tier mobiles.
 -52 to +9 for low tier portables
 -1 to -47 for low tier mobiles

Setting Minimum Speaker Volume to Muted means that no audio will be produced when the volume knob is turned down. Muted is also the default value.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Wayne, we are using DP4801 radios:

    1. When minimum level is set to mute is it possible that the lowest audible volume is lower than -30?

    2. -30 is still too loud for some circumstances, the only workaround I can think of is to set Digital Mic Gain to 0 on all radios, having the effect of lowering the minimum volume, would that work? It does mean we can't use AGC. Can you think of any other workaround?

    3. Is there any way for the alert tone to be Fixed Volume and also to have Volume Offset ie. to set what volume the tone should be. For some reason it seems it's either fixed volume or volume offset which seems strange.



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