Some common questions about intrinsic safety.

Can I repair my ATEX radio?

No. Doing so will invalidate the radio certification and using such a radio would present a hazard. For all repairs, other than replacing the antenna and battery, ATEX radios should be sent to Motorola for repair.

Can I repair my UL radio?

Generally, no. As with ATEX, doing so will invalidate the radio certification.
I understand that UL are able to certify a repair facility but I'm not aware of any.

I ordered a standard radio, will putting on an UL battery make it intrinsically safe?

No! Although there is no difference in the radio hardware, a UL radio is listed as intrinsically safe when it leaves the factory and the required labeling, together with the UL battery, are added. The critical aspect is that the radio was recorded as being intrinsically safe when it was shipped, so if anything goes wrong, the radio can be safely excluded from the list of root causes.

I have FM approved radios, can I continue using UL radios?

Yes, read this and this.

Did I miss something?

If so, please ask a question below.

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