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My blog post from 4 December 2017, titled “FAKE!”, generated quite a lot of interest within my social media circle. As a result, I’ve decided to create a Google Photos album showing fake Motorola radios. If you are offered one of the radios shown here, it is probably fake and you should report the matter to the relevant authorities.

Here are some things you might want to do:

As mentioned in the previous post, in the EEA countries CE marking is required. Fake radios generally do not comply with the EU Radio Equipment Directive. You could report the matter to your local telecommunications regulator (see this post for a complete listing).
If you were sold these radios and are using them privately, you can bring this to the attention of the consumer protection authorities in your country.
If you were sold these radios and are using them for your business activities, you could lay a charge of fraud with the police. Especially if the goods was sold to you as genuine.
In many countries, companies are members of a professional body. You could also raise the matter with the professional body or industry association the seller is a member of.
If the goods are being offered on an online auction or shopping website, you could report the seller to the website operator.
At the very least, you could return the goods to the seller and demand a refund.

If you believe you have been presented with a fake Motorola radio, and would like me to include it in the above album, you can submit the details here or send me an email: wayne dot cwh050 at gmail dot com.

Just a friendly reminder that the postings on this site are my own and do not represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of my employer, Motorola Solutions. I am not a lawyer and this post should not be misconstrued as legal advice.


  1. If the link to the album doesn't work, try this:

  2. The trouble is Motorola don't seem willing to make even rudimentary efforts to stop fakes, pirated software and misdescribed "OEM "being sold on eBay (I can't speak for other sites, I only sell on eBay).

    Motorola were a member of eBay's VERO program designed to get fakes delisted rapidly if identified by respectable users/sellers. There used to be a Motorola legal guy called Pat Harrington who was the contact. I had some correspondence with him years ago and he was helpful and reactive. Unusually for a Motorola suit, he also had a sense of humour. Unfortunately he seems to have been downsized and after that nobody bothered answering emails highlighting items.

    If you check the list of VERO participants now Motorola (Solutions, or anything else) are not even participants. As a result, honest sellers on eBay and elsewhere have no way of getting obvious fakes removed.

    As with many things, Motorola seem to have forgotten that small simple solutions can be effective.

    1. I would agree that the process of highlighting problematic items for sale with MSI needs to be improved.

      There is a MSI internal tool that allows employees to officially raise brand infringement issues with the legal team - this works well but is sadly not available to Partners.

      If its of any consolation: I flagged one item on Ebay and it was removed within a day. This was done using my own credentials (i.e. in my private capacity). So reputable sites like Ebay are generally responsive to genuine complaints.

      I've put this into my Kaizen box and will make some suggestions to the relevant folk.

  3. That last comment wasn't meant to be from UNKNOWN, I tried to enter my name but the blogsite ignored it.

    Andy Parkin
    27 yrs with a Motorola dealer and now one of the unempowered underclass.

    PS Your efforts with this site are appreciated, I'm not sure how a free-thinker like you survives and doesn't get crushed by the Motorola glacier.

    1. Thats okay.

      I guess I've been lucky or something in that vein: the general feedback from within the company has been somewhere between nonchalant and fully supportive, depending on who it is.


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