Fix: MOTOTRBO CPS field names truncated on Windows 10

Sometimes you might encounter an unusual problem with the MOTOTRBO CPS. This is only seen on a Windows 10 machine when opening a codeplug. The first symptom is that the window size unexpectedly decreases (from maximized) when the File Open dialogue appears.

Once the file has opened, the field names appear but are truncated - even if the window is maximized.

It turns out that there is a quirk with Windows 10 that interferes with the CPS, especially when a high screen resolution and certain graphics drivers are used.

The fix is fortunately simple: override high DPI scaling in Windows and let this be done by the application. To do this, right-button click on the CPS Desktop Shortcut and go to the Compatibility tab. Tick the Override field as seen below. Click Apply and OK.

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