Talkgroup Subscription in Capacity Max

Talkgroup Subscription provides an option to enable or disable talkgroup affiliation in a Capacity Max radio upon registration. This is used when MOTOTRBO radios need to operate on a 3rd party DMR system which does not support Talkgroup Subscription functionality.

Normally, the radio will inform the system which talkgroup(s) it is using (i.e. which talkgroup, or talkgroups, it will listen on). The radio can monior multiple talkgroups by means of the RX Group List used on that personality.

Because of the above, this setting can only be changed (disabled) if the system type is set to “Capacity Max Open Radio”.

If deselected (no tick), the radio will not subscribe or affiliate to any Talkgroups when registering (or re-registering); when receiving a mass registration request, emergency call, turning scan on or off or a mode change.

Mode change means switching to another personality via the channel select switch. Switching to another personality usually means changing the talkgroup when operating on a trunked system.

When a user presses the scan button on a Capacity Max (Advantage Mode) radio, it informs the system which talkgroups it wishes to receive if traffic is present and that talkgroup is allowed on the site.

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