Inband Caller Alias

Inband Caller Alias is a feature that allows a MOTOTRBO radio to transmit a user-defined text string of up to 31 characters with all voice calls. The data is needed to send an Inband Caller Alias is part of Link Control PDU embedded in the SYNC of each timeslot.

This feature would be useful for customers who have users that share a radio between shifts. At the start of the shift, the user would enter their name (or some identifier). This name would then be shown on any radios or dispatch consoles party to that call (Private; Group or All Call). At the end of the shift, this can either be deleted or changed.

Inband Caller Alias works on all MOTOTRBO topologies and is supported by all radios on M2020.02 software. It is defined in ETSI TS 102 361-2 (v2.5.1) Section 5.4.

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