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24 June 2015

DR3000 SLR5500 what's the difference?

There are, actually some significant differences between the DR3000 and SLR5500. Most notably the size, and support for MPT1327 site controllers. But there are some other, lesser known, differences in terms of specifications: (Green = Better; Yellow = Slightly better).

Of course, the SLR5500 is a made-for-purpose repeater whereas the DR3000 is essentially two (modified) mobiles.

More about the SLR5500 here.

12 June 2015

What's happening with FM?

(C) Underwriters Laboratories

As mentioned in a previous post, a new industry accepted standard for intrinsic safety has been available for some time now.

Together with a number of other manufacturers, Motorola will be transitioning to a new standard for intrinsic safety: TIA 4950, which is similar to the FM 3610-88 in that it does not require a reduction in transmit power among other things. Compliance testing for this will be done by UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories).

FM 3610-88 certifications for LMR radios will expire on 31 December 2015. FM 3610-10 is a more stringent standard and is designed to harmonize FM with IEC Ex. After this date FMRC will not certify any equipment under the FM 3610-88 standard.

Motorola will continue to produce FM 3610-88 radios until the end of 2015 after which only  ATEX and TIA 4950 radios will be available. Customers can continue to purchase FM 3610-88 compliant batteries for as long as needed.

TIA 4950 compliant radios can be used in the same hazardous locations as FM 3610-88 radios were.
This change only affects new radios. Fielded radios maintain their approval status provided that repairs are done at FM audited facilities. FM approved batteries and accessories will continue be sold.

There are no changes to ATEX.

10 June 2015


Today Motorola added a new repeater to the MOTOTRBO family - the SLR5500.
Front view (click to enlarge)

Front view (with rack mounting ears)

This compact rack mount repeater offers several interesting features:

  • Physical Dimensions: 44 x 483 x 370 mm or 1RU
  • Weight: 8,6kg.
  • MOTOTRBO and Analogue (FM) Conventional Operation
  • Supports the connection to MPT1327 site contollers.
  • Continuous Duty Cycle Operation anywhere between -30°C and +60°C
  • Meets or exceeds ETSI TS 086; ETSI TS 113; ETSI TS 102 361-1-2-3
  • Onboard AMBE +2™ Digital VOCODER
  • Synthesized Frequency Generation with 1.5ppm stability (5ppb with external reference)
  • Female N-type Antenna Connector (TX) and Female BNC Antenna Connector (RX)
  • Ethernet Port
  • Front mounted USB Port (Service)
  • D25 Female Accessory Connector with 12 configurable GPIO ports (Digital); 4 configurable GPI ports (Analogue 0-5V); 2 configurable GPO ports (Analogue 0-5V) and 12VDC power for third party controllers (1A max)
  • Switched Power Supply (85 – 264 VAC) (47 – 63 Hz)
  • Multi-Power Source configurable (AC, DC, or AC with Battery Revert)
  • Integrated 3A battery charger (12V)
  • Station Diagnostic Tests on power up.
"Under the hood" (click to enlarge)

The repeater uses the same CPS and tools as the other MOTOTRBO repeaters and radios. The Basic Service and Installation Manual is available on Motorola Online. There will be a new CPS (version 11.5) and firmware (R2.4A) coming out very soon by the way so "stay tuned".
Connectors on the back (click to enlarge)

What is the 2nd Ethernet connector used for?

This is reserved for future development.

What are the USB host; GPS and WLAN plugs used for?

These are reserved for future development.

What is the external reference connector for?

This is currently used for applications which require higher frequency stability. One can inject a 5 or 10MHz clock from an atomic clock or GPS receiver.

Are the fans any quieter?

I haven't done any comparative measurements but yes they are quieter than the DR3000.

10 April 2015

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