MOTOTRBO Capacity Max

Here is the press release from Motorola. More details can be found here. I will be posting further details once they are known.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max is the newest addition to the MOTOTRBO systems portfolio and initially includes support for up to 15 sites with up to 15 trunked repeaters at each site (29 traffic + 1 control slot). More importantly it complies with ETSI TS 102-361 §1-4 v.1.7.1 - otherwise known as Tier 3

Since this is a trunking technology, each site uses one slot as a dedicated control channel. Additionally Capacity Max supports up to 6 dedicated data revert repeaters (12 slots) to support data-intensive deployments with GPS, text messaging and alarm management.

For customers who have MPT1327 systems, a smooth migration is possible: the SLR5500 supports the connection to a MPT TSC/MSC. The DP4000 series portables are available with a MPT1327 option board.

Capacity Max can be built with multi-level resiliency ensuring no single point of failure.

A wide portfolio of applications will become available through Motorola's Application Partner Programme and via Motorola's Sold & Supported Control Room Solutions including WAVE.

I will be posting further details once they are known. If you are a VAR/VAD in Europe and Africa, you will get further details at the next Motorola event in your region or via one of the webinars.
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