Help, my PC doesn't see my MOTOTRBO radio!

"Help, my PC doesn't see my MOTOTRBO radio!". For quite some time, this was the urgent plea one would hear from technicians in the field. A connected MOTOTRBO radio could not be read and the CPS would give one or another error message.

I recently had such a call from a new customer, who also, is relatively new to MOTOTRBO. He had downloaded and installed the CPS, but was getting an error message when trying to read a radio. I was able to spot the cause and solve his problem - purely from experience. Therefore, for the benefit of the general radio community, here is a list of things to check, when you experience such difficulties:-

Is the radio working correctly and the battery charged? Can the radio switch on; transmit and receive correctly? If this is a display model, does the battery gauge show "full bars"? Try using another battery or try connecting another radio to eliminate this as a cause.

Are you using a known good, Motorola original, programming cable? The fake cables you get on certain trading websites are known to be problematic. Spend the money and buy the right thing!

Is the USB port, to which the radio is attached, in a working condition? Try plugging the radio in on another port. Confirm that Windows makes the "duding" USB Device Attached sound and not the "dididid" USB Device Failed sound?

Does Windows see the device and does it install the drivers? Go to Windows Device Manager and see if there is a Network Connect called MOTOTRBO Radio #?. Confirm that there is nothing listed as an unknwon USB device.
Double click on MOTOTRBO Radio #? in Device Manager and confirm that the status is shown as device is working properly. If the status shows an error, uninstall and reinstall this device driver. Further details about getting Windows to install the driver can be found in the MOTOTRBO CPS help text.

Disable all other network connections. The CPS will sometimes give error code 595 if there is an IP address conflict between the radio and other IP devices.
The default IP address of a MOTOTRBO radio is If your Wireless or Wired LAN uses addresses in the range 192.168.10.x, you need to arrange with your network administrator to use another subnet - otherwise you will have to switch off your WiFi and LAN eevery time you program a radio.

Lastly, are you using the latest CPS? The MOTOTRBO CPS is 100% backwards compatible but not forwards compatible. At the time of writing this post, the latest CPS version is 8.0 (build 410). [Edit: As at 12.09.13 CPS version 9.0]


  1. Hello! I have been programming MOTOTRBO for a while now and now I have this issue I hope you can help me with:
    I programmed a DGR6175 but now I cannot read the repeater again.
    I used the same cable, the same PC and same CPS to program another repeater and everything worked alright.
    Now, when I connect the repeater, I get the MOTOTRBO Radio #3 in Windows Device Manager but only for a few seconds. After that, the repeater disconnects again, and my PC plays the "USB device disconnected" sound, as if the repeater was rebooting itself before loading the interface that communicates with my PC. It dissappears from the device manager and after a while it appears again and keeps doing the same plug in - plug off.
    What could be the matter?

  2. I've not seen that symptom before. Some things to think about:
    When was the repeater installed?
    When did the repeater start doing this?
    What happened at, or just before, that time?
    Did the repeater start doing this as soon as you programmed it?
    How is this repeater powered?

  3. Hi Wayne,

    I have this weird problem. I am using PMKN4012B to read my XiR P8620 radio. The radio shows the 'Impress Accessory' together with the connected sound but the PC still does not recognized the radio. No network was created. This problem is intermittent. Sometimes it does not happen but MOST of the time it happens. I tried using CPS 11.0, 11.5 and currently using 12.1 but it still the problem exist. I also used windows 7 and windows 8, still the problem exist.



    1. Check to see whether there isn't an unknown device in in device manager - if there is then you have a driver problem. Also check if Windows is giving the device add sound

    2. what if the windows does not give any device sound, only the portable has sound when the programming cable was remove ..It also my problem, the pc does not recognize the portable even if i use other programming cable.

    3. Either the cable or USB port is faulty

  4. Hi Wayne,

    I've noticed a problem with a new laptop running Win 10 Pro 64-bit. I have the latest V13 build 666 CPS and with recent firmware radios, all is good. However, I have a R01.07 firmware radio and device manager gives a yellow triangle stating device not working correctly. Because of this, there is no IP connectivity.
    If I use another laptop to upgrade the firmware to R01.12.17 then I can see the radio on my laptop. Seems to be an odd compatibility issue with early firmware.
    Prior to this, I did an uninstall of the radio in device manager and disconnected the radio, went to the RNDIS folder within the Motorola Drivers folder in my C Drive (porg files, Mototrbo etc)and run DPInst.exe reconnected the radio & my laptop could see it. I thought it was fixed now as it worked fine. However, disconnecting the R01.07 radio & connecting it again, I get the yellow triangle and no IP connectivity.
    Never had problems in all these years but just an issue on this new laptop running Win10 pro. The other Win10 pro laptop in the workshop is absolutely fine!
    I had this issue with 22 radios yesterday so I can rule out the particular radio.

    Many thanks.
    Richard (G4WFR)

    1. It may be that you are connecting the radio to a USB 3.0 port. Try connecting it to a USB 2.0 port.
      If that doesn't work, have a look at which driver is being loaded. Prior to R1.8 (I think), the radios used an older Windows driver which now might not be compatible with Windows 10.

    2. Thanks Wayne, your comment re pre 1.8 sounds very valid and something that I had thought about.
      I just tried all other USB ports to no avail but they all do look as if they are USB3.0 so maybe that is the problem. The driver according to device manager is version
      I tested on another Win10 64-bit laptop and that's working fine but that has a mix of USB2.0 & 3.0 ports - when it's back in the workshop I will see if it doesn't work on some of the ports.

    3. Ah ha! Yes, USB3.0 is the issue Wayne.
      I just tested on another laptop that has USB2.0 & USB3.0 ports, it only works on USB2.0 ports. My laptop only has USB3.0 so hopefully I don't come accross too many early firmware radios ;-) At least I now know the cause of the issue. I did think USB3.0 ports worked in USB2.0 mode when they detected a USB2.0 device but guess there is more to it than that.
      Thanks for the info and for the prompts.

      73 Richard G4WFR

  5. Wayne, appreciate all the help. We have several 4550s (maybe 10 out of a fleet of 70) that do not recognize the programming cables-- none of our computers will connect to these units. All the other 4550s connect and program fine. Is there anything we can check in the radio before we discard them? Thanks

    1. One thing you can also check is the side accessory connector (i.e. where the programming cable goes onto). Sometimes these connectors can get contaminated with whatever and a little bit of cleaning is needed. What works well is a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush (I used to use a flat artists brush with the bristles cut down to 1/4 inch).

      I am of course assuming the above have been checked and that these radios are working (I.e. are able to turn on and operate normally).


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