MOTOTRBO Radio Management: Part 2 Installing RM Server


This article describes the template mode in Radio Management. If you are planning a Capacity Max (or very large IPSC/Cap+) system, please see my posts on Radio Management Configuration Mode.

Part 2 Installing RM Server

As mentioned in my previous post on this topic, there are two components to Radio Management (the software that does OTAP): The Radio Management Server and the Radio Management Client (the CPS). 
Both can of course, be installed on the same PC or spread between several servers.

Within the Radio Management Server installation, there are four important components:
  • The Radio Management Server (RM Server) which hold the database of radios and configuration data.
  • The Device Programmer which acts as the output interface, either between MNIS; DDMS and RM Server or Control Station; DDMS and RM Server. The device programmer lines up the OTAP operations and prepares the data to be sent over the air.
  • DDMS (Device Discovery and Mobility Service) would only be used if ARS is enabled/used in all radios - either with a Control Station or with MNIS. DDMS tells the server whether a radio is on the air and which site it is on. using DDMS is optional though if you choose not to use it, please disable ARS in the radio, and take heed that the Control Station will keep polling a radio to check if its there when a job in the OTAP queue.
  • MNIS (or MOTOTRBO Network Interface Service) would only be used if you are connecting directly to the repeater, using the NAI Data feature/licence. MNIS is not needed if you are using a Control Station (Radio+USB cable).

If multiple Control Stations are connected to the Server or Device Programmer PC, you will also need the Mutlichannel Device Driver (MCDD).

The above video shows how to install Radio Management Server. If you are viewing this from a Mobile Phone or Tablet, and the video opens in an App such as YouTube for Android, please note that the video will play without any pauses. my intention is, to have this video running while RM Server is being installed.

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