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Job Ticketing (a.k.a. Work Ticketing) is a menu option in all MOTOTRBO second generation radios* radios which allows customers to manage the flow of tasks by sending (assigning) Job Tickets (tasks) to one or multiple radios. A number of MOTOTRBO ADP solutions can create and manage job tickets which makes this feature extremely useful in service organisations (e.g. hotel staff; taxi's; security staff etc.).

When a radio receives a job ticket message, it is displayed in the radios Job Ticket menu. The user can respond to the Job Ticket using a number of configurable responses (or statuses) such as "Accepted"; "Rejected" or  "WIP". When the status of a task is changed, the radio user can open the task again and select a new response (or status) such as "Complete".
The Job Ticket table in the CPS

When users change statuses, the MOTOTRBO application can record the time and new status of the Job Ticket.

On generation 1 radios** (and generation 2 radios with firmware older than R02.30.00***)  Job Tickets are shown as text messages with a "JTS" prefix. In such radios, the user would need to reply to the text message with the defined status string (e.g. "Accepted"; "Rejected" or  "WIP"). This means that Job Ticketing uses the same over the air protocol as text messaging and other data.

As of system release 2.3, Job Ticketing is also available in the DP4800, DP4800Ex and DM4600 series radios and follows the same implementation as the SL4000 radio.

Also included in system release 2.3 is the ability to handle duplicate Job Tickets: In circumstances where there is a poor signal, the radio may receive the job ticket, but the response would not make it back to the server and so the server application would send the job ticket again, thereby resulting in a duplicate job ticket. The radio is now able to detect these duplicate messages and ignore the unwanted one.

Prior to system release 2.3, the radio transmitted all data on a Linked Capacity Plus data revert channel as unconfirmed. This impacted the success rate for job ticket responses on a revert channel. To address this, the radio now transmits non-GPS data on a revert channel according to the “data call confirmed” CPS codeplug setting.

More details about which MOTOTRBO ADP solutions support Job Ticketing can be found in the Application Development Partner Catalogue.

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* A second generation radio includes the DP and DM4000 series asn well as the SL4000/4010. Job Ticketing is not supported in the DM1600; DP2600 or DM2600. Job Ticketing is also not supported in non-display radios (unless of course the radio is connected to an external PC).

**A first generation radio is the DP and DM3000 series - both of which are no longer sold by Motorola.

***  A second generation radio, which does not support Job Ticketing, can be upgraded via the CPS to support Job Ticketing - the firmware upgrade package is available free of charge from Motorola.

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