MOTOTRBO Radio Management: Part 3 Radio Management Overview

This video provides a general overview of the Radio Management user interface in the CPS. As mentioned in my previous post on this topic, there are two components to Radio Management (the software that does OTAP): The Radio Management Server and the Radio Management Client (the CPS).

Read my previous posts on Radio Management: here and here or post a question below in the comments.

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  1. Hi Wayne, I have been testing the RM programmer to update a codeplug and have run into an error. I have consulted helpfiles and drawn a blank. This is the scenario: I have programmed correctly the Radio details and scheduled a simple job to read OTA the Radio codeplug - which after a few minutes is successful. However it just hangs there... The RM monitor says successful but the RM in CPS still says Job Processing. I have left this now for over an hour but the result is still the same. I cancelled the job and tried again... same again. So I tried as a test writing with no switchover from my template.... it then says waiting for job processor and just stays like that. I have tried all sorts but cannot get it to change. My first thoughts were codeplug passwords, but I remember trying that with without any passwords before and had the same result. I have consulted all my notes from the certification course but nothing helps there either. Grateful for any comment.

    1. Are you trying to read a radio over the air?

  2. Hi Wayne, nice blog you have here.
    Please I'm trying to program some radios over-the-air and I am using DM-4400e as the base station. I have RM2.8. Anytime I schedule a job I get a feedback 'waiting for device programmer' and the jobs can't complete.
    Please advice me on how to solve the issue.
    Thank you.

    1. Some possible causes:

      Device programmer not installed or not running.
      Configuration mismatch between Device Programmer and Job Processor.
      Networking problem between Device Programmer and Job Processor.
      Networking problem between Device Programmer and Control Station.
      Target radios not online or not sending ARS.

    2. Some checks:

      In the settings page of Device Programmer and Job Processor, press the Test Connection button.
      Try pinging the Control Station on the 192 and 12 subnets and check that there is a static route between these two subnets for the Control Station.
      If Device Programmer and Job Processor are on different machines, trying pinging from both ends.
      Try pinging a target radio from the Device Programmer host - at the same time check that the Control Station is transmitting short bursts.

    3. If you still need help, check

  3. I have a question that has me stumped. I cam program my fleet of 7550e's via usb just fine with cps. All enhanced keys load just fine. When I try to program them via WiFi, I can edit the template files and that pushes to the radio, however the enhanced keys do not. Fields are grayed out, and the name fiels becomes a drop down only saying Priv2. If I try to add a key it says "Unable to add. Mo more Keyes available in the RM server". I do not know whats going on. All software was installed from the 15.5 version of CPS.

    Any help would be greatful


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