Service manuals for the new MOTOTRBO radios, where are they?

I've had a few questions lately regarding the availability of certain parts and Detailed Service Manuals for the new(er) MOTOTRBO radios via the contact me link; Google+Facebook and email.

The majority of the electronic components listed in the DP3000 and DM3000 series Detailed Service Manuals cannot be ordered by customers. The part numbers are correct but are listed for reference purposes only.

A number of low cost radios on the market now are reportedly partial knock-offs of the MOTOTRBO DP3000 and DM3000 series. If this is indeed true, the manufacturers of these radios were able to save themselves a lot of R&D work by copying the schematics out of Motorola's Detailed Service Manuals. I have not seen this for myself but was told this via a number of sources.

Motorola has decided not to publish the Detailed Service Manuals for the second generation MOTOTRBO radios. The Basic Service Manuals are however available for download from Motorola Online.

The second generation MOTOTRBO radios (which includes the DM/DP1000; 2000 and 4000 series as well as the SL4000 series) use compact, static sensitive and hydroscopic components which require special handling and storage procedures. For example, the Dual Core SoC processor used in some of these radios is a 361 PBGA with 0,8mm between each ball (there are no pins) and the chip itself only measures 16x16mm. A typical capacitor here measures only 0,6x0,3mm. This true for all other two-way radios manufactured this century.

In my 20+ year career, I have had the opportunity to view at the repair facilities at a number of radio dealerships (not only Motorola) and self-maintaining customers. Although some are sufficiently equipped to carry out the majority of repairs, all of them are definitely not equipped carry out component level repairs on any modern two-way radio equipment. Those who say they can do these repairs, are either damaging the printed circuit boards, or are perhaps being less than honest.

A number of  Motorola resellers have realized that the return on investment for such an up-to-date repair facility is simply not feasible (i.e. investing huge amounts of money to keep up with, low volume; low margin; complex repairs) and are instead offering their customers Motorola Service from the Start as part of their total solution. Service from the Start is available in a number of countries, in addition to several other post-sale support offerings from Motorola.


  1. Hi there,
    Could you please guide me about how to do a factory reset on DP4000 series?

    1. There is no factory reset available on MOTOTRBO radios. You can however perform a device recovery via the CPS - all you will need is the upgrade package for that model radio. Device recover basically loads blank information into the radio.

      As a precaution (because I dont know what state your radio is in), I would suggest reading and saving the tuning paramaters using the Tuner.

      The CPS; Tuner and upgrade package can all be obtained from your local Motorola Reseller - click on the "Where to buy" link at the top of the page to find one near you.

  2. Hello Wayne, what is this type of UHF connector that is used on mototrbo radio? It's strange it's not the SMA connector, and is there a way to adapt it to more conventional formats?

    1. There is no adaptor for the antenna connector. If you want to use the radio with an external antenna you should really be using the SMA model variant (see If you just want to carry out tests in a laboratory type environment, there is a test fixture you can use (see


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