The SL1600 has arrived.

This week Motorola introduced a new MOTOTRBO portable: the SL1600. Read about the SL1600 here. This is a small, sleek radio which uses a low profile antenna, much like the SL4000.
The SL1600 supports both analogue and digital operation - though the power is lower than a DP series portable (only 3W analogue and 2W on digital). The specification sheet can be found here.

What is rather unique about this radio, is the display: instead of using a LCD, the radio uses an "Active View" display, which uses a bank of LEDs that shine through the housing to produce the text. The radio also supports voice announcement by the way which is really useful if you cant look at the radio all the time.

Programming and charging is performed via the Micro-USB connector on the side. So you can reuse the SL4000 programming cable and travel charger. The desktop charger is different though. The SL1600 makes use of the SL4000 high capacity battery. In order to program this radio, you will need CPS version 10.8 or later.

In analogue mode, the radio supports MDC1200 signalling. In digital mode, the radio can support IP Site Connect, but this requires a license. Capacity Plus; Linked Capacity Plus and Connect Plus are not supported on this radio model.

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