What's happening with FM?

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As mentioned in a previous post, a new industry accepted standard for intrinsic safety has been available for some time now.

Together with a number of other manufacturers, Motorola will be transitioning to a new standard for intrinsic safety: TIA 4950, which is similar to the FM 3610-88 in that it does not require a reduction in transmit power among other things. Compliance testing for this will be done by UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories).

FM 3610-88 certifications for LMR radios will expire on 31 December 2015. FM 3610-10 is a more stringent standard and is designed to harmonize FM with IEC Ex. After this date FMRC will not certify any equipment under the FM 3610-88 standard.

Motorola will continue to produce FM 3610-88 radios until the end of 2015 after which only  ATEX and TIA 4950 radios will be available. Customers can continue to purchase FM 3610-88 compliant batteries for as long as needed.

TIA 4950 compliant radios can be used in the same hazardous locations as FM 3610-88 radios were.
This change only affects new radios. Fielded radios maintain their approval status provided that repairs are done at FM audited facilities. FM approved batteries and accessories will continue be sold.

There are no changes to ATEX.

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