In case you didn't notice...

In case you didn't notice, the release notes for R02.50.05 includes a short mention of the audio enhancements made in this firmware release "Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Enhancement. The radio’s AGC provides improved audio clarity with reduced distortion.".

Although the description is somewhat vague, the improvement in audio clarity is quite remarkable. The feedback I have had so far has been overwhelmingly positive and I would strongly suggest upgrading your radio to this release if possible.

As far as I am aware, these enhancements are not available in the first generation MOTOTRBO radios (DP/DM3000 series).

If your radios are using a very old firmware version, upgrading to R2.5 will also get you access to the enhancements made in R2.4 as well as give you the opportunity to buy SINC+.


  1. Hello Wayne,
    2.50.05 does improve audio very much. Usually the revisions for DP1400/SL1600 and DM1400/DM1600 had the same number at MOL but now there is R2.50.05 upgrade for DM1000 series and there is no upgrade for DP1400/SL1600. Can we expect a new release with audio improvements for DP1400/SL1600 portables as well? Or should we consider Mars audio fix?

    1. As far as I know, the DP1400 and SL1600 were included in this fix (though I don't see them specifically mentioned in the release notes). The DP/DM3000 series is NOT included.

      The improvement is very noticeable for most users; some users will not notice much difference, it all depends on the operating environment.

    2. Thank you, confirmed that in R01.01.30 the audio for DP1400/SL1600/DM1000 series has been also fixed.


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