Yesterday, Motorola announced the introduction of a new MOTOTRBO repeater to the North American market: the SLR8000 series. Some of the features of this repeater include:

  • 100W 100% duty cycle operation.
  • 2U 19 inch rack mount.
  • Wireline and RF preselectors as options.
  • Outstanding RF performance.

This repeater will be introduced to the other regions in the coming weeks. More details on the Motorola website or right here.


  1. The SLR series is shaping up nicely, I've used a number of the SLR5000 units and they have been excellent performers on the RF side. Waiting (im)patiently for more information on the SLR8000 - a data sheet would be nice and an explanation for all the RJ45 ports!

    73, John ZL4JY

    1. I guess you are referring to the connectors at the top left in this picture?

      If I'm not mistaken, that's the wireline card.

      In EMEA we'll have to wait until June to find out.

    2. The SLR5500 is a very good repeater.

  2. Hi Wayne,

    According to the pricebooks, the SLR8000 is supplied with an internal wireline card. Does this mean you can simply plug-n-play?

    Also, do you have a handy description of what the wireline is used for etc. As well as tone control etc.


    1. Yes, it's simply a case of plug-and-play. The idea behind the SLR8000 is to have a one-for-one replacement for the MTR2000; MTR3000 and previous models that supported wireline without the need for an external Tone Remote Adapter.

      I don't have any useful material on Tone Remote but there's a pretty comprehensive description on Wikipedia

      The Wikipedia article mentions DC Remote but the majority of Analogue dispatch systems still out there are Tone Remote. Essentially DC Remote used a small current, superimposed on the line, to key up the transmitter. In order to generate the required current, and overcome the cable resistance, the console had to sometimes produce over 100V.

      There is one more possibility: Local Control. This is where the Console is wired directly into the Base Station equipment. The distance between the console and base would be limited to a few meters and shielded multi core cable would be needed.


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