Upgrading Radio Management: what you need to know.

There is a certain way to upgrade from Radio Management R1.x to Radio Management R2.x.   Backing up the database; uninstalling the old version of Radio Management then installing the new version wont work because the backed up database was not upgraded with the CPS etc. - when trying to restore, you'll get an error message or one of the SQL services will keep on stopping.

Radio Management R2.x uses a different database structure than Radio Management R1.x and the data elements must be upgraded to the new database format before RM 2.x can be used. While the data in the Radio Management system is being upgraded, RM will not be available for configuring radios and depending on how many radios and templates there are, RM may be unavailable for a significant amount of time while the upgrade takes place.

In order to upgrade the data elements to RM 2.x, there must be sufficient free disk space - in addition to that used by RM. Also make sure that there are no pending or incomplete jobs - if any are pending wait until they are complete or cancel if you can.

But before upgrading, it makes good sense to perform a backup just in case.Go the the RM Server Configuration, click Settings; select a location (preferably not on the local drive) and click Backup.

If all the RM 1.x components are installed on the same machine, run the RM 2.x setup as normal. When you starts Radio Management from within the CPS, you will be prompted to begin the upgrade process.

If RM 1.x Server is installed on a separate machine (seperate from the other RM components) then only install RM Server and Auto Update on the RM Server machine.

Then install the CPS on the computers on which access the RM Server. The user will be prompted to perform the upgrade process when they access RM through CPS on any of these computers.
Once the upgrade is complete, only one RM Client (CPS) should connect to the RM Server

On machines where the Device Programmer is installed, simply install the updated Device Programmer without any further actions.

To learn about the differences between RM1.x and RM2.x, have a look at this video.

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