What does Hang Time do?

The Group Call Hang Time sets the duration, during which a radio will talk back to a received call or continue a transmitted Group Call, using the previously received or transmitted Group ID. After expiration of the Group Call Hang Timer, the radio will transmit using the TX Contact Name (Talkgroup or Radio) specified for this channel in the CPS.

There are two places where this is set: in the repeater and in the radio. The Talkgroup Call Hangtime in the radio codeplug is only applicable when the radio is operating on a simplex or talkaround channel. The repeater setting is applicable when radios are operating via the repeater in ERDM; Conventional; IP Site Connect or Capacity Plus modes.

There is also a Hang Time for Private Calls and the above rules apply. Additionally, in the Repeaters there is also a Hang Time for Emergency Calls.
The Call Hang Time seen above is only applicable to repeaters operating in analogue mode. This setting is sometimes known colloquially as the repeater tail.


  1. Hi, in an IP Site Connect system, do I need to ensure that the group call hang time is the same in all repeaters, or is only the master repeater relevant?
    Is there any way of having different hang times for different groups / channels?

    1. The call hang time should be the same across all repeaters in a system. This should also not be set to zero as this would add a call setup every time someone presses PTT. The call time time is independent of channel/group.

  2. Is there a way of making the repeater group call hang time longer than 7000 ms?
    We have different groups for different users but are having the problem of the conversation timing out (as we often have gaps in conversation) and the next responder talking on their default PTT contact group. Any way round this?


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