Some tips about caring for your radio

Most MOTOTRBO radios meet IP57; IP67 or IP68 specifications allowing the radio to withstand adverse field conditions but the following precautions will ensure that you don't have any unexpected failures.

Clean the exterior surfaces of the radio only using a diluted solution of mild dishwashing detergent and fresh water.

Do not use a high pressure jet spray to clean the radio as this will exceed the one meter depth pressure and could result in water leaking into the radio.

If the radio has been submerged in water, shake the radio well, to remove any water that may be trapped inside.

If the radio has been submersed in a corrosive substance (such as salt water), rinse the radio and battery in fresh water then dry them both.

If the radio's battery contact area has been exposed to water, clean and dry the battery contact on both the radio and the battery. The residual water (or more specifically the minerals in the water) could erode the contacts or cause undesired operation.

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