Software list updated

If you're wondering what the latest CPS version is, or which firmware you radio can be upgraded to, have a look my software list. If you don't see your model listed, you should also look at my regional equivalents table since I only talk about EMEA models.

Please don't ask me for software, I cant give you this - you need to contact a Motorola Reseller.

Rather than creating a post very time a new software release comes out, I'll instead be updating the software list. So check there every few months.

POST SCRIPT 13.08.2017

There may be a few days delay, from the time I update the list; until the listed items appear on Motorola Online so please wait a few days before asking your Reseller/Distributor. There is no need for the latest CPS until you get new radios (which would be in the order of weeks). If you are in urgent need of the software, please reach out to your Motorola Account Manager.

I'll be updating you about whats new in this release over the coming days. If you cant wait, and you're a Motorola Partner, register for course PCT1056.


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  2. Thanks so much for update, will request from our distribution channels in ZA. Maybe you can mention new key features to look out for.

  3. PCT1056 is not on LMS here in the NA.

    1. Not sure why. Might still take a day or two.


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