Capacity Max Bridge

Capacity Max Bridge allows calls to be bridged between a Capacity Max System and a bridged Connect Plus system. This eases the migration from Connect Plus to Capacity Max.

This is a software application that resides on the CMSS and routes supported calls and control traffic via IP. It operates as a Client Application on the MNIS VRC and accesses the Connect Plus system via the XRT9100.

The software required to run Capacity Max Bridge is already installed on all new CMSS or can be added by ugrading to R2.8.0 via the Enhanced System Upgrade.

It requires license for operation for the duration that the systems need to be bridged (the idea being that at some point in the future the network will be 100% Capacity Max).

Group Voice Call; Private Voice Call ( with or without OACSU); Emergency Alarm and Voice Call are all supported, both clear and encrypted.
It can translate ID for bridged calls thus allowing both fleet numbering plans to coexist. You are also able to configure which Talkgroup ID should not be bridged between systems.


  1. For anyone who isn't familiar with Connect Plus:

    The XRC9100 is the (existing) site controller. You'd have one XRC per site.
    The XRT9100 is the voice/data gateway. This is an optional device and you'd typically have one if you're using a dispatch console. In such cases there would be at least one XRT per system/network.

  2. Hi Wayne
    Does the CMB require talkpaths to be licenced on the CMSS. Eg if I want to have 5 simultaneous groups calls bridged between systems do I need to licence the CMSS for 5 voice talkpaths?

    1. Yes, for 5 simultaneous calls between the Connect Plus system and the Capacity Max system, you'd need 5 CMB licences.


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