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The GP Professional Series
If you have seen one of these radios in your customers fleet and they are looking to replace them *BUT* aren't looking to go digital in this lifetime, then Motorola has the radio for them.

The VX-450 series are analogue only portable radios designed for users who need a rugged and reliable radios with advanced analogue signaling capabilities. These radios are IP57 water submersible and meet or exceed MIL-STD-810 requirements.  Features include MDC1200, DTMF and 5-tone signaling - plus others. Available with a range of flexible energy solutions and accessories, your customers have all they need to provide their teams with the perfect communication solution.

They support all the features the GP Professional Series (and predecessors) did, plus more. Hence, they make an excellent choice for customers wishing to refresh their fleet but aren't interested in digital.

There are three model variants in the range:

The feature set for these models is more or less the same, except that the number of channels supported by the VX-451 is 32, whereas with the VX-454 and VX-459 this is 512. Also, the number of programmable buttons varies with each model: 3 on the VX-451; 7 on the VX-454 and 9 on the VX-459. The VX-451 will also not be able to display information like ANI since it has no display.

Find out more about these radios by clicking here.

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