Quiz Time


  1. What's the point of this? I'm currently toying with the idea of a "Radio 101 course". This is just a little bit of research to see if there would be a need for this.

  2. Hi Wayne, I did a course like that in Joburg during 2016 and it was very well received. I have my course documentation if you'd like to have a look through it. I had a good bunch of students, all keen and wanting to learn, so we packed a LOT of learning into five days.

    I think there is definitely a need for RF Fundamentals to be taught to the IP-focused people in the industry.

    1. Thanks, that would be nice but is absolutely voluntary. You can upload whatever you have to https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ep7_RIXvKSaWuXnwMMPgZ_4xuyhG0TV_.
      I've just sent you access details via an email.


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