Preemptive Priority in Capacity Max

Priority Call allows a Capacity Max user to escalate an important call. If a free slot is not available at one or more associated sites, this call can pre-empt a lower priority call and take over the trunk channel used by the lower priority call.

In such cases, the Trunk Controller will verify whether the calling radio has the right to initiate a high priority call; whether the call needs to go out on another site and whether the site's traffic channels are all occupied. If all the traffic channels (slots) are occupied on a site, the Trunk Controller chooses one which is busy with a lower priority call; tears it down and sets up the priority call on the freed traffic channel.

Group Call; Private Call, Telephone Call are supported. In the case of Group Call and Private Call, priority follows the call initiator radio’s call priority level setting. Text Messaging; Job Ticketing support priority preemption but Telemetry and GNSS currently do not.

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