DMR Tier 3 Telephone Interconnect

In R2.9.0 support for DMR Tier 3 telephone interconnect has been included in Capacity Max. This allows MOTOTRBO radios to make telephone calls on other vendors DMR Tier 3* systems. It also allows other vendors radios to make telephone calls on a Capacity Max system.

When configured for this, the MOTOTRBO radio will set up a telephone call using control channel signaling as opposed to over the air DTMF.

* The ability to make and receive phone calls is dependent on whether the system vendor supports this and whether the system is fully compliant with the relevant parts of ETSI TS 102-361-4 v1.8.1.


  1. IS there already information available what other changes the new release will bring? Guess it will hit .de in the next one or two weeks.

    1. The CPS and release notes etc. have been posted on Motorola Online -


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