Eight or thirty-two?

Does your DR3000 have 8Mb or 32Mb memory? The only (correct) way to tell, is to look at the back of the repeater.
Location of the TANAPA label - marked red.
One of the labels (see above) has the repeaters' TANAPA number on it .

If this TANAPA number is one of the following, then the repeater has 32Mb memory:

PMUE3084BAEAA [DR 3000 UHF2 (1-40W)]
PMUE2390CAEAA [DR 3000 UHF1 (25-40W)]
PMUD2091CAEAA [DR 3000 VHF (25-45W)]
PMUD2092CAEAA [DR 3000 VHF (1-25W)]
PMUE3017CAEAA [DR 3000 UHF1 (1-25W)]

MTR3000 repeaters only have 32Mb memory.

The TANAPA number shown in the CPS is truncated (last 3 digits missing) and is not a clear indicator of memory size.

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