Linked Capacity Plus Example Codeplugs

The codeplugs from the MOTOTRBO Technical Day in Nigeria can be downloaded here. I will be sharing the Router configurations later. In this ZIP file are the codeplugs from the four repeaters and four radios. In order to open these files, you will need (EMEA) MOTOTRBO CPS version 9.0 or later. If you don't have the EMEA CPS, I have also included PDF printouts of the codeplugs.


  1. @Shahrokh Vahid writes: Hi I live in Canada and i don't have access to European version of MOTOTRBO CPS. I need one to open your code plugs for learning reason. <> Thanks.

    I've updated the ZIP file to include PDF reports of their contents. The original (removed) codeplugs are old and you should the latest CPS to open (recreate) these.

  2. Hi wayne , appear to have a small problem with cp bases.using 3 user groups only,when i busy g1 ang g2 i cant get it to revert to 2nd base .ie 3rd it a base problem or a portable problem .bases linked with netgear switch.

    1. It's difficult to say without seeing the codeplugs. Have a look at my examples and LCP Cheatsheet then look at your repeater configuration.

    2. I see that you are located in Scotland. If you need assistance, please contact one of our Distribution Partners who have direct contact with me and my team.


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