Eight or thirty-two?

Does your DR3000 have 8Mb or 32Mb memory? The only (correct) way to tell, is to look at the back of the repeater.
Location of the TANAPA label - marked red.
One of the labels (see above) has the repeaters' TANAPA number on it .

If this TANAPA number is one of the following, then the repeater has 32Mb memory:

PMUE3084BAEAA [DR 3000 UHF2 (1-40W)]
PMUE2390CAEAA [DR 3000 UHF1 (25-40W)]
PMUD2091CAEAA [DR 3000 VHF (25-45W)]
PMUD2092CAEAA [DR 3000 VHF (1-25W)]
PMUE3017CAEAA [DR 3000 UHF1 (1-25W)]

MTR3000 repeaters only have 32Mb memory.

The TANAPA number shown in the CPS is truncated (last 3 digits missing) and is not a clear indicator of memory size.


  1. Thanks...

    ...It was just the information I was looking for! Someone tells me that the CPS does not work remotely on the repeaters with 8MB! And now, our repeaters have 32MB but I can not run CPS remotely :-(


    1. I'm glad I was able to help you answering this. If you need assistance with getting IP Remote programming working, may I suggest contacting one of Motorolas' Radio Channel Partners - the contact details can be found here http://bit.ly/12ZG0SJ.

  2. Here is a list of 8MB TANAPAs:

    • PMUE2390AAEAA DR 3000 UHF1 (25-40W)
    • PMUE2390AAE DR 3000 UHF1 (25-40W)
    • PMUE2390BAEAA DR 3000 UHF1 (25-40W)
    • PMUD2091AAEAA DR 3000 VHF (25-45W)
    • PMUD2091AAE DR 3000 VHF (25-45W)
    • PMUD2091BAEAA DR 3000 VHF (25-45W)
    • PMUD2092AAEAA DR 3000 VHF (1-25W)
    • PMUD2092BAEAA DR 3000 VHF (1-25W)
    • PMUE3017AAEAA DR 3000 UHF1 (1-25W)
    • PMUE3017BAEAA DR 3000 UHF1 (1-25W)
    • PMUE3084AAEAA DR 3000 UHF2 (1-40W)

    So if your Super TANAPA is listed here (i.e. in this reply) then you have an 8MB repeater!

  3. I have an older 8mb DR3000, is it true that they can't be firmware upgraded at all? (I don't care about features, just want bugs to be squished)

    1. You can upgrade the latest release but some features won't be available.
      See https://cwh050.blogspot.de/p/the-latest-firmware.html.

    2. Thank you. I've access to MOL through our company, but I'm hitting the wall with our support channel, who claims that they cannot be upgraded. My problem is that all the older CPS's are gone from MOL. And it seems the newer ones doesn't support upgrading from R.01.00.01

  4. hi dear,
    actually, I want to buy dr3000 repeater board service kit PMLN5643AS and also connector board service kit PMLN5644BS. do these two parts are different in dr3000 8mb from those in dr3000 32mb?

    1. Yes, they will probably have different part numbers. These are listed in the Service Manual.


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